Placenta Encapsulation &
Additional Services

Placenta capsules and tincture are useful for restoring the hormonal balance in the postpartum mother’s body, according to anecdotal evidence.

Your placenta, in capsule form, is believed to:

– balance hormones
– elevate mood
– d
ecrease postpartum bleeding
– increase breastmilk production
– increase energy
– replenish depleted iron
– provide menstrual cycle relief

There are two encapsulation processes available:

Steamed Encapsulation Method

Steamed encapsulation involves lightly steaming the placenta with lemon and ginger, to enhance the warmth of the resulting placenta pills. This method is loosely based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, but is not a full TCM preparation.

Raw Encapsulation Method

Raw encapsulation is great for mothers who follow a raw food diet or who believe that the hormones would be more bioavailable if consumed raw.

In addition, I can also create a tincture out of your placenta.  This only uses a fingertip-sized piece of your placenta, allowing creation of the capsules for immediate use in addition to the tincture, if desired.

I am a trained encapsulation specialist and carry both Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control certification and a food handler’s certification.

Placenta Service Rates:

Steamed or Raw Encapsulation – $300 (plus travel charge as determined by birthing and delivery locations)

Half Steamed and Half Raw Encapsulation – $320

Placenta Tincture – $80 (or $40 if added to an encapsulation package)

Doula clients enjoy a discount on Placenta Encapsulation and other services.